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Public health is a multi-disciplinary subject, which includes the natural, social, medical and cultural sciences.

On the basis of biomedical findings quantitative methods such as epidemiology or biostatistics as well as, the qualitative methods of social and cultural sciences-, are applied to evaluate health-related data and to assess current and historical influences of society. Furthermore, the environment will be analysed with regard to health and disease of the entire population and population-related measures for prevention, health promotion, improved medical care, behavioural changes and the monitoring of environmental conditions will be developed.

The aim of Public Health is to improve the physical and mental health of the population through health-related initiatives in research, development, education and public relations, and to advise national and international bodies. Research in Public Health creates the necessary scientific basis for achieving these goals.

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9 – 12 NOVEMBER 2022, Berlin, Germany


Termine Sommersemester 2022




at the ASPHER Young Researcher’s Forum in Bled (Slovenia)


Young Forum Gastein (YFG) Scholarship


Epidemiologin der MedUni Wien erforscht Auswirkungen von Störungen des zirkadianen Systems


für den Blog der Society for Social Medicine and Population Health


das neue Europäische Gesundheitsprogramm (2021 – 2027) und Arbeitsprogramm 2022 wurde das EU-Projekt EUR-HUMAN http://eur-human.uoc.gr/, welches Frau Assoc. Prof. Priv.-Doz. Dr. Kathryn Hoffmann für Österreich leitete als Erfolgsprojekt ausgewählt. Sie wird im Rahmen des InfoDays das Projekt kurz beleuchten. Wann und wo? 27. APRIL 2022 I 10:00 – 12:35 CET.     


Price Policy and Tobacco Control


Spring 2022


Public Health


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